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Company Culture

Vision: to become a world-class smart manufacturing brand.
Mission: for customers, employees, enterprises, create the greatest social value!
Core values: serious, honest, honest, win-win, innovative, sustainable!
Cultural model: Army + school + family, yes! Guarantee completed, resolutely completed!  
Braunte Factory Poetry (Brilliant Dream)
Our dreams Our dreams Our dreams
Set sail from Burundat in the Bronte and fly with Burrant
Regardless of the big storm trillion goals strategic intelligence university rise
Brave to join hands to break into the leader of intelligent manufacturing You have the power of my love  
guiding ideology:
Ignorant, selfless and fearless;
Looking for people, doing things right
Ideas determine the way out, the pattern determines the outcome; attitude determines the height, positioning determines the status, character determines the product;
Reading ten thousand books, as good as Wanli Road; Wanli Lu, it is better to read innumerable; reading countless, as the teacher open; teacher open, not as Wuzao self-help.