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兴旺娱乐官方_兴旺老虎机_【兴旺唯一官方网站】igation and survey

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    On the morning of December 12, Zhou Ji, president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, accompanied by Vice Mayor He Yu, went to Guangdong BORUNTE Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. for an in-depth study on scientific and technological innovation, the promotion of “Made in China 2025” and other topics. Secretary Hu Haoju, Town Mayor Han Nuanqu, Ye Zhuohui and other town leaders also accompanied President Zhouji in the investigation. Yin Langzao, chairman of BORUNTE; Luo Xiaoqing, deputy general manager of the R&D center and other company executives accompanied Leader Zhou Ji and his party to visit BORUNTE.
    At the reception site, Chairman Yin recited the BORUNTE dream and sang the BORUNTE song. President Zhou was deeply infected by the corporate culture full of passion and affirmed the BORUNTE team full of dream and passion.

    Chairman Yin introduced to President Zhou that BORUNTE conducts the strategic layout through internal generation and external extension, integrates the industrial resources based on independent product R&D and innovation, and realizes the absolute advantages of core component application businessmen; that BORUNTE adopts a marketing mode of separated production and marketing, establishes global BORUNTE “4S” shops through mass entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as branches and distributors around China; that BORUNTE realizes soaring up in the manufacturing with financial measures, sets up the industrial fund to escort BORUNTE to realize its dream; and that BORUNTE is working hard to become a leading private robot enterprise.

    President Zhou learned about the production, R&D, market demand, after-sales service and future development plan of our automation equipment, fully affirmed the company’s efforts to promote the R&D, production and rapid development of the intelligent equipment, affirmed the domestic robots made by BORUNTE and encouraged BORUNTE people to go global.

    At the same time, he expressed the hope that local governments would continue to increase their support for intelligent manufacturing enterprises, so as to help SMEs realize “machine substitution” and lay a solid foundation for China to achieve its strategic goal of building a powerful nation.
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